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ReleaseOne Christmas at a Time
Release date11-15-2012
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"2600" is a Christmas song by Jonathan Coulton and John Roderick. The song's narrator expresses his desire for an Atari 2600 for Christmas.


"2600" is one of ten holiday songs written and recorded in August 2012 for the album One Christmas at a Time. Paste magazine premiered this song in a promotional article prior to the album's release.

At a show in December 2012, it was reported that both Coulton and Roderick wanted Atari 2600s for Christmas as children. While Coulton received his Atari, Roderick was given an Intellivision, instead.

Live performance[edit]

"2600" was first played live on 8 December 2012 in St. Petersburg, FL. Along with a few other tracks from the album, the song was included in a section of the set that Coulton played with John Roderick.


"2600" is available on the album One Christmas at a Time. It can also be downloaded or streamed from SoundCloud.

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