Blue Sunny Day

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Blue Sunny Day
ReleaseThe Aftermath
Release date2009-03-16
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Blue Sunny Day is a song on Jonathan Coulton's collection of unreleased tracks, The Aftermath.


Blue Sunny Day started as a happy song, with a refrain about a "blue, sunny day". Jonathan realized that blue could have multiple meanings, referring to either a day with a blue sky and lots of sun, or a sad, but sunny day. He wondered why a sunny day would make somebody sad. He claims that the first thing he thought about was a vampire, but he thought that it would be too cliché for a Jonathan Coulton song. So he thought that the song might be about somebody who had been in a relationship, and that the sun reminded him about the relationship, or something of the sort. But then he decided it should be about vampires after all. Further diverging from a happy tune, the vampire of the song kills himself in the end by exposing himself to the sun.

Live Performance[edit]

"Blue Sunny Day" was debuted live at Park West in Chicago, on February 28, 2009, with just Jonathan and guitar. A link to a video of the performance is below.


  • The song was used for a fake sitcom intro in a Dragon*ConTV video titled "Fang Friends". The video is a spoof of 1970's sitcoms like Three's Company, starring three vampires from modern fiction (Edward Cullen, Spike, Allucard). The video premiered at Dragon*Con 2009.


Blue Sunny Day became available for purchase on March 15, 2009 for the standard price of one dollar.

The Aftermath
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