Chicago, IL: 2011-04-22

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  • Location: Chicago
  • Date: 2011-04-22
  • Venue: Park West
  • Supporting act: Paul and Storm
  • Special guest: Peter Sagal during Paul and Storms set


  1. Code Monkey video
  2. Shop Vac
  3. Sticking It To Myself video
  4. Glasses
  5. Blue Sunny Day
  6. Space Doggity video
  7. Nemeses
  8. Sucker Punch
  9. Big Bad World One
  10. Creepy Doll video
  11. The Stache
  12. Good Morning Tucson
  13. Still Alive video video with slightly clearer sound
  14. Alone at Home
  15. Mandelbrot Set
  16. re: Your Brains
  1. Skullcrusher Mountain video
  2. The Future Soon video
  3. Ikea video
  4. Mr. Fancy Pants on guitar, sorta video
  5. You Ruined Everything video
  6. I Feel Fantastic video


  • First Chicago Band Show
  • Bootlegged from the sound board
  • JoCo forgot the words at the start of the third verse of Still Alive, commenting afterward: "I can't believe I forgot the words to that song. You don't understand how many times I've sung that song. Forgetting the words to that song is like the equivalent of forgetting to put on my pants in the morning."