Chicago, IL: 2012-06-16

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  • Location: Chicago
  • Date: 2012-06-16
  • Venue: Double Door
  • Supporting act: John Roderick

Concert on summer 2012 Artificial Heart tour, with Adam Bernstein on bass guitar and Christian Cassan on drums.


  1. artificial start video
  2. Code Monkey video
  3. Sticking It to Myself video
  4. Big Bad World One video
  5. Banter - Hello Chicago / Redshirt intro video
  6. Redshirt video
  7. Still Alive video
  8. Banter introducing A Talk with George video
  9. A Talk with George video
  10. Banter about having kids video
  11. You Ruined Everything video
  12. Tom Cruise Crazy video
  13. Banter about Hawaiian Punch, a kid requests the "zombie song"
  14. First of May
  15. Good Morning Tucson
  16. Banter with Scarface video
  17. Skullcrusher Mountain (feat. Scarface) [video]
  18. Want You Gone
  19. Sucker Punch
  20. Shop Vac
  21. Mandelbrot Set video
  22. Je Suis Rick Springfield (features a portion of "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield)
  23. Banter zombie practice video
  24. Re: Your Brains video
  25. I Feel Fantastic
  1. Banter Encore video
  2. I Crush Everything video
  3. Mr. Fancypants video
  4. Banter John Roderick takes the stage and discusses the fucked up Fancypants video
  5. Nemeses [feat. John Roderick]
  6. Feel Like Makin' Love (Bad Company cover) - with John Roderick and band


  • During Nemeses John Roderick got a little enthusiastic with the mic and pulled the plug out.