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Code Monkey Save World will be a 96-page long comic book based on various characters from the songs of Jonathan Coulton. It is drawn by Jonathan's college friend and Marvel Comics illustrator Greg Pak.

Cover of "Code Monkey Save World"


The idea for the comic started when Greg Pak tweeted that he could make a "pretty awesome supervillain team with characters from [JoCo] songs." Coulton replied simply, "DO IT." After some behind-the-scenes top-secret planning, the Kickstarter was unveiled on April 15, 2013.


The comic has not been released yet, and is still in development. However, the basic premise is that Code Monkey and Skullcrusher (from "Skullcrusher Mountain") team up to fight various monsters such as robots and zombies that are plaguing the earth, while also trying to win over the hearts of the women they love.


Related projects[edit]

It has been confirmed that Jonathan Coulton is writing a new song inspired by the graphic novel, as well as recording an acoustic ("unplugged") album containing the songs that were the inspiration for "Code Monkey Save World." In addition, the book will contain a short story inspired by "Mandelbrot Set," as well as possibly a children's book based on "The Princess Who Saved Herself."


  1. In the CMSW continuity, the kid from "The Future Soon" grew up to become the man in "Skullcrusher Mountain."

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