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Sea Monkeys: The community of attendees on JCCC.

Snork: Any non-Sea Monkey on the ship will be referred to as a Snork. Snork is purely a term of identification, and does not have any derogatory nor positive connotations by itself. Some Snorks will love us, some Snorks will hate us, but when we share these stories, we will know how to refer to them.

PreMonkey: A Sea Monkey who is booked for their first JCCC.

Home Office: A general term for the team of official organizers of JCCC, and very helpful folks.

Helper Monkeys: JCCC volunteers on board the ship. They're like any other volunteers you'd find at a con. They can be identified by a certain piece of paraphernalia that will be identified early on.

Morning Announcements: At the beginning of every official stage event, there will be Morning Announcements from Home Office. Actual time of day is irrelevant.

Game Room: Sea Monkeys have full reign over the conference area of the ship. It is effectively open 24/7 during the duration of the cruise. Sea Monkeys are encouraged to bring board games, card games, tabletop games, all sorts of games with them on the cruise. Common practice is to leave them in the game room for anyone to pick up and play.

Monarch of the Seas: Each year, a monarch is chosen among the Sea Monkeys by random drawing. The monarch is awarded with front row seats for every show and is frequently introduced with fanfare, but is also tasked with a number of monarchical tasks, such as judging the Fancy Pants Parade and declaring a superior taco shell.

Deep Sea WiFi Temperance Brigade: JCCC moderator David Rees leads a voluntary group of Sea Monkeys in an oath taken at the beginning of JCCC which forswears any sort of electronic communication over the course of the week.

Twitt-arrrr: Through a pleasant cooperation with the cruise lines, we are allowed to put a server on the ship's wireless network. The advantage of this is that we can run our own Twitter-like service just by connecting to the ship's WiFi, no additional charge. It's a great way of coordinating events on the fly.

Cruise Monkey: An iOS/Android app that serves a variety of purposes, most notable of which is a scheduler.

Ukulele Melee: A group of onboard ukulele enthusiasts figureheaded by JCCC performer Molly Lewis. All are welcome, from complete beginners to lifelong experts, and it usually involves some sort of staged performance throughout the week.

Hug Me Tag: A means of identifying Sea Monkeys who are comfortable with being hugged as a default state. Made of a small ring of durable and colored chainmail armor. Created by Sea Monkey Rachel Riley, and available for order.

Army of Steptos: An army of bald/goateed Sea Monkeys, figureheaded by Stephen "Stepto" Toulouse, who often have a role to play throughout the week. Most notable of roles is protection of the monarch.

Long Haired Brigade: In the absence of Stepto and his army, the Long Haired Brigade overtakes the duties of the Army of Steptos. They are exactly what they sound like.


Soon(tm): We love Home Office, but punctuality just isn't one of their best points. So when we talk about when things are going to happen, the time frame is often described as soon(tm), meaning sometime in the future but most likely not actually "soon".

Sex Party: So this happened. And now various happenings among Sea Monkeys can be described as a sex party.

Sail Cat: As part of Paul And Storm's TED Talk, this has been described and accepted as the best 36 seconds on the internet.

Mike Phirman's Birthday: Every day is Mike Phirman's birthday. Rumor has it that it his actual birthday may have fallen at some point during JCCC1, but that is currently irrelevant.

Sadness Pie: The key lime pie on Holland America was horrendous. Key lime pie enthusiasts were disappointed by this and referred to the dessert as Sadness Pie. The key lime pie on Royal Caribbean is acceptable.

Cheese Plate: The cheese plate on Royal Caribbean, however, is not acceptable. Only order the cheese plate if you wish to share it with someone you hate.

Burn: Should a performance consist of an adequate burn against another individual, the appropriate response from anyone present is to place two fingers in the vicinity of your mouth (as if smoking a cigaret), while shaking two fingers on your opposing hand towards the burn recipient, as if flinging the shame from your hand onto them, so as to indicate that they have, indeed, just been burned.

The Missing Hour: Holland America adjusts their ships' clocks when the ship travels across time zones. On JCCC2, it was frequently announced by Paul that clocks would be set forward an hour on one particular night. This turned out to be false, and an hour of sleep was lost by many a Sea Monkey. Paul will try to point fingers at other members of Home Office, but we all know who is really to blame. Never trust Paul with time adjustments in hour intervals. It is worth noting that Royal Caribbean’s ship time is based on the embarking port, and will not change during the duration of the cruise.

Principal Sabourin: A running gag on JCCC is the high school setting, with Sea Monkeys as the students and various official performers as the faculty. The only thing you really need to take away from this is that when Paul says "Good morning class", the appropriate response is "Good morning Principal Sabourin" in an adequately cheesy manner.

Sluice Box Mucking: This one throws back to JCCC2. During the performer Q&A, John Roderick shared the story of his gold mining job in Alaska. This was later followed up with a pleasantly unexpected twist on the JoCo classic First of May.

King Hat: Based on Paul F Tompkins sketch, the head piece donned by the Monarch on JCCC2 could be adequately described as a King Hat.


Shadow Cruise: Any event that is not on the official schedule, including game room activities, unofficial concerts, preorganized knitting lessons, spontaneous dance parties, etc.

Xth Annual Paul F. Tompkins Memorial Mustache Formal And Fezstravaganza: On the first JCCC, an event was announced known as the Paul F Tompkins Mustache Formal, in honor of JCCC performer with rockin mustache. It was later announced that Paul F Tompkins had to cancel his attendance on the first JCCC. Paul F Tompkins was declared dead to us, and the event became the Paul F Tompkins Memorial Mustache Formal. At the event, formal wear is encouraged (but optional), and adhesive mustaches will be provided at the door (but optional). In future years, the event was also expanded to be a Fezstravaganza. Fezzes are also encouraged (but optional).

Fancy Pants Parade: Every year, during the performance of the JoCo classic [Mr. Fancy Pants], there is a parade, in which voluntary Sea Monkey participants proudly display their fancy pants. The winner of the parade is chosen by the Monarch of the Seas, and is declared to be Best In Terms Of Pants.

Live Karaoke: On stage karaoke with JoCo and his band. Participants are selected by sign ups and random chance.

Speed Meeting: A shadow cruise event. It is structured like Speed Dating, but it is for the purposes of meeting other Sea Monkeys. It takes place early on in the cruise. Details here.

Sea Monkey Science Fair: A shadow cruise event. Exactly what it sounds like. May also involve pizza and cupcakes. Details here.


☜(◕=◕): Official BURN emoticon, "two finger" version JCCC2

Cabin Zero: Passengers waiting for cabin assignments consider themselves temporarily assigned to Cabin Zero. This was much more relevant on Holland America ships.

Ten Forward: On JCCC2, The Westerdam "Crow's Nest" was renamed "Ten Forward" in all official and unofficial documents. After all, it is on Deck 10, all the way forward. As it should be.

Towel Monkey: A harbinger of doom, often appearing in passenger cabins. See Towel Monkey Video.

Wang Wang: An infamous beverage, served by Holland America. 1/4 oz Vodka, 1/4 oz Gin, 1/4 oz White Rum, 1/4 oz Scotch, 1/4 oz Bourbon, 1/4 oz Tequila, 1/4 Triple Sec, 1/4 oz Brandy. Top it off with Pineapple and Orange Juice. Add a splash of Grenadine and let the games begin!