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Home Office are the official representatives behind JoCo Cruise Crazy. They are the direct line of contact between Sea Monkeys and the cruise line for all of your JCCC needs.

Jonathan Coulton

Figurehead, namesake, and executive decision maker of all things JCC.

Paul and Storm

Opening band, drunken space helmsmen, and front line of Sea Monkey communications.


JoCo's assistant with the voice of an angel. Does a stupid amount of behind the scenes work for JCC.


Office manager, booking support, cabin placement, etc., etc., etc., and so many more etc.

Bob Gorski

Shadow Master, in charge of the Shadow Event schedule and fixed dinner seating requests. Also known as rhaje.

Thera Heller

Cruise Mom, wrangler of Helper Monkeys.

Dammit Liz

Stage manager on JCCC and JCCC2.