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JCCC Basics

A JoCo Cruise is not your average cruise. Even if you already know that a Wang Wang is the best drink to order 5 minutes before the open bar shuts down, or you've been on more cruises than Randal, you might still have some questions about what to expect when hundreds of nerds gather in one place for a week.

How do I find out about the schedule?

In the past, a tentative schedule has been released shortly before sailing. A printed newsletter and schedule of official events are included in registration bags (see the JoCo_Cruise_Crazy_2 versions). For unofficial events, notices are posted in Sea Monkey Central, Twit-arr, etc. Plus, there are always "morning announcements." Go with the flow and have fun!

What is a helper monkey, and do they bite

Onboard Registration (JCCC-Specific Check-in)

Once you are onboard, pick up your JoCo Cruise Crazy badge, lanyard and claim your swag! We’ll have our own registration area set up. Your badge will be required for all JCCC official events, so keep it safe. Sharpie markers are provided to customize your name badge.

Everyone will also get a copy of “The Sea Monkey” newsletter, which will have information about the week’s exclusive JCCC festivities, including a complete JCCC schedule grid for you to carry around and treasure always.

The Sharpie-Sunscreen Conundrum: There are reports of Sharpie ink smearing or fading from badges. One theory is that sunscreen and Sharpie ink do not play well together. One simple solution is to protect the Sharpie ink by covering it with invisible tape.

Avoiding Awkward Moments with Famous People

From the JCCC1 Q&A Session, these clips may help. Fan Pet Peeves, Being Recognized, part 1, Being Recognized, part 2


[From the FAQ] Notices for people seeking roommates can be posted in the forum on Jonathan’s website. Our fanbase has proven to be extremely friendly, resourceful and helpful, and many folks found roommates (and subsequently, new friends!) via the discussion forum with no difficulty. If you are still having trouble after consulting the forum, please contact us, and we will see what we can do to accommodate you; it’s our fervent hope that everyone who wishes to find a roommate can find one, but we make no guarantees.

Onboard Communication


Wi-Fi Temperance Brigade - David Rees, Chairman.

Some Ways to have Fun on a JCCC


Typically in the early evening, before dinner. Approximately 2.5 hours, including intermission

Fancy Pants Parade


In the Main Dining Room (MDR), sections of tables are marked as reserved for the JCCC group. Seating is completely open, within these tables.

Cocktail Hours

Enough said.

Gaming Room

Also considered Sea Monkey Central, with 24-hour availability

Stocked with whiteboards, flipcharts, index cards, corkboards, etc.

On HAL, has been located in the Half Moon/Hudson/Stuyvessant meeting rooms.

Karaoke and Open Mic

Bring it!

Photo Gatherings

Official group photo(s)

Koko's Kitten group photo

Gathering of the Beardalos


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