Cruise:What To Bring And What To Leave At Home

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What to Bring

  • Sunscreen (if you arrive the day before, as recommended in JoCo_Cruise_Crazy/Cruise_Ship_Basics, you can buy sunscreen at a store in the embarkation city so you don't have to pack it)
  • Lots of film, memory cards, and batteries
  • Board Games
  • Fez + mustache (Basic adhesive mustaches will be provided for all official mustache related events. Bringing your own mustache, real or otherwise, is also encouraged)
  • Clothing that layers, such as a lightweight sweater (for women). It has been reported that temperatures fluctuate throughout the ship, and outdoors can be chilly after sundown.

What Leave At Home

  • Towels (the rule only says "know where your towel is", not that you need to have it on your person at all times. And on the ship your towel is where ever you need it to be - in your room, at the pool, or handed to you as you exit the boat to hit an island.)
  • Hard Liquor (at least officially speaking)
  • Lots of books (you probably won't get a chance to read them)
  • Hand sanitizer. There are a number of sanitizer dispensers for public use located throughout the ship.


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