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Updated tabs by suuuupaadave, picking pattern by OldManAP
Capo on the 4th fret, all chords are relative to the capo.


A x02220
A7 x02020
A/C# x4222x
A/E 0x222x
A/G# 4x222x
B7 x21202
Bhalfdim x2323x
Bm x24432
Bm/A x0443x
C#7 x4342x
C#m x46654
D xx0232
D/C# x4x232
D6 x5420x
Dm xx0231
Dm6add9 x53200
E 022100
Esus4 022200
F# 244322
F#add4 24430x
F#m 244222
G#dim/F 1x343x


Intro A A/C# D6

A       A/C#          D6                                   C#7 
We work late and I pretend that I don't notice when you're next to me
      F#m A7 
But I do
D                          Dm                                 C#m       F#add4 Bm E Esus4
I might be mistaken, but I sometimes get the feeling that you notice too
      Dm6add9                A
And I know this place that's near here

D   D/C#       Bm   Bm/A
Quiet dark and small
E                   D                 A              F#m                B7
When we're finished here I think that I might want a beer, how about you?
        Bhalfdim       E             A
It'd be nice to go out drinking with you

You would think that we've danced around each other long enough to know
Where we stand
And my heart stops in a panic when I think how it would feel to finally hold your hand
We can wait for this to happen
Or make it happen now
Either way I think that we should start off with a drink, maybe two
And it'd be nice to go out drinking with you


  |A A/G#|F#m A/E| 
  |D D/C#|Bm Bm/A||E G#dim/F|F#m A7|B7 Am|
  |A F#|Bm   |Bhalfdim||E  |Esus E|

No big deal, we can play it nice and cool and keep the pressure off
Invite our friends
And we'll have a few too many, we'll discreetly share a cab home when the evening ends
When we reach that awkward moment
Standing at your door
We won't even know cause we'll just smile and let it go and sail on through
And it'd be nice to go out drinking with you


Note 1: When the F#add4 chord is played, the B note is played open. Before switching to the next chord Bm, make sure to lead into it by barring the second fret just after you've played the open B note. Watch the video and listen to this part if what I'm saying makes no sense.

Note 2: When playing the bridge, I tried my best to make the brackets represent one measure of 4/4 time where each chord is played for two beats.

Note 3: See the videos tab for the link to the live video for anyone who needs a guide until I can do a lesson video. Thanks to mtgordon for filming and posting this.

Picking Pattern[edit]

Capo: 4 (fretted numbers in the TAB are adjusted for the capo)

e ----------------|----------------|
B --2-------2-----|--0-----0----0--|
G -----2-------2--|-----2-----2----|
D --2---2---2---2-|--4---4---4---4-|
A 0---0---4---4---|5---5---5---5---|
E ----------------|----------------|

Detailed transcription[edit]

Here's an attempt at turning suuuupaadave's chords into a note-for-note transcription. Guaranteed to contain plenty of errors, especially in the middle part of the interlude. Note that there are a couple tiny variations from verse to verse in the recording.

CAPO 4 (frets are relative to capo)


|------------Repeat x3 ------------|
A        A/C#     D6                C#7               F#m      A7
D                 Dm                C#m      F#add4   Bm       E

Dm6add9           Asus2             D        D/C#     B        B/A

E        D        A        F#m      B7                Bm7b5    E


A        A/G#     A/F#     A/E      D        D/C#     Bm       Bm/A

E        G#dim/F  F#m      A7       B7       Am       A        F#

Bm                Bm7b5             E        Esus4    E