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chords by suuuupaadave

This is a fairly straightforward song. Listen to the original track to get the feel for the power chords in the verse. For the most part, the chords in this song are somewhat ambiguous, but as I hear it, it's best to make sure that when you play any E chord, that there is no third(no G or G#).


E  022100
E5 022x00
A5 x022xx or Asus2 x02200
A  x02220
G  320033
F# 244322
B7 x21202


  E5             F5  Eb5

Verse - Riff over verse

When I drive car
I feel like sexy
My blood get hot
My head get high
I work so long
My heart get heavy
But Friday come
The week go by
  A5                           E5
I leave work early early and I go to town
  A5                           E5
I meet my girly girly when the sun go down
   A5                             E5
My heart go swirly whirly make my head spin round
    F#                       B7
The lights in the mirror the stars
       E5 G A
I just drive
       E5 G A
I just drive
       E5 G A
I just drive

verse 2 - Riff over verse

My car so nice
So style and fancy
So softy smooth
So big and round
In curve or straight
I drive like danger
My headlight off
My window down

   A5                           E5
My girl say crazy crazy why you drive so fast?
  A5                          E5
I steer like lazy lazy like I built to last
    A5                           E5
The world go hazy mazey make the tree go past
F#                  B7
Forever and ever we go

       E5 G A
I just drive
       E5 G A
I just drive
       E5 G A
I just drive