Gambler's Prayer (demo)/Lyrics

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Lord hear my prayer
Look down on me
I'm not as wealthy as I used to be
It's not even ten and I'm busted again
Why does this happen to me?

Give me a sign
Show me you care
A straight to the Ace Lord, or even a pair
I can't make it alone and I'll sink like a stone
Unless you can undo what I've done

So Lord lift me up in your tender embrace
Lend me your wisdom, your strength and your grace
Help me to smash my opponent's fat face
Oh Lord help me take money from my friends

Deep down I know
That it's only a game
But I want them shaking in terror and shame
It's just poker and beer
Still I need them to fear me Lord
It's not enough just to win

Deal me good cards and I'll handle the math
We'll take their money while they take a bath
I'll show them my hand, you'll show them your wrath
Oh Lord help me take money from my friends

And I don't want to cheat them
'Cause I know that's a sin
I just want to defeat them
And make it, make it hurt when I win
Make it hurt when I win

So poke them with sticks
And crush them with stones
Chew them up good Lord and spit out their bones
Make my riches grow and let those bitches know
That you hate them and love only me

Burn it all down until nothing survives
Make them regret for the rest of their lives
The day that they bet their dogs and their wives
Oh Lord help me take money from
Help me take money from
Help me take money from my friends