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chords by suuuupaadave

There are a few tricky bits in this one, but it's nothing very wacky. I notated some chord figures to the right of the chord list because I felt that they were confusing to look at on a normal list. This is fingerpicked but could easily be strummed if the mood struck you. Also note that the very last hit of this song uses natural harmonics. If you don't know what that is, just sit tight and it will be in the next mini lesson I do on my youtube page.

Chords                Chord Figure

D      xx0232         Bm/D Gm/D D    Em/A
Bm7    x20232         ------------   ---
D/C#   x40232         --3---3---3-   -8-  
G      320033         --4---3---2-   -x-
A      x02220         --0---0---0-   -9-
Em     022000         ------------   -0-
F#m    244222         ------------   ---
D7     xx0212         
Bm     x24432
Bbmaj7 x13231


|D Bm7|D/C# Bm7| 2x

    D         Bm7       G     A
Who knows how long I've loved you?
    D      Bm7      F#m  
You know I love you still
D7     G      A      Bm/D Gm/D D
Will I wait a lonely lifetime?
       Em      A    D   
If you want me to I will

    D    Bm7    G    A   
And if I ever saw you
  D      Bm7        F#m
I didn't catch your name
D7     G     A      Bm/D Gm/D D
But it never really mattered
       Em     A        D   Bm7 D/C# D7
I will always feel the same

G           A      Bm
Love you forever and forever
G             A      D    D7
Love you with all my heart
G            A        Bm  
Love you whenever we're together
E                    A    Em/A
Love you when we're apart



    D        Bm7   G       A
And when at last I find you
     D         Bm7      F#m
Your song will fill the air
D7      G       A     Bm/D Gm/D D
Sing it loud so I can hear you
        G    A     Bm/D Gm/D D
Make it easy to be near you
       G          A     Bm/D Gm/D  D
Oh the things you do endear you to me
G      A      Bbmaj7
Oh you know I will
  D Bm7 D/C# D7
I will


|G A|Bm |G A|D  |

Natural Harmonics