Jawbone 118: Bill Maynard And The Terror of Fu Manchu

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The 118th episode of Jawbone, in which JoCo calls in to talk about Rock and Roll Boy.

Transcript of JoCo's call[edit]

38:12 *intro*
Hey guys, Jonathan Coulton here. I wanted to fill you in on a little song called Rock and Roll Boy. I was, I had nothing, I had no ideas. So as I frequently do when that happens, I was trolling the internet for interesting things and I founds this piece of audio from a collection of kids speaking into tape recorders. And I remembered doing that when I was young. And all these silly tapes of me doing bad western accents and that sort of thing. And there was this one by a six year old kid named Justin, in which he sang a song called Rock and Roll Boy. It was harder than I thought to put together. The audio itself was pretty crappy. It was like you could actually hear in between every line you could hear the clicking stop and sometime line would start with little snippets of whatever parent was there reminding him what he was going to say next. But there is also, you know, he is six years old and there is not a band behind him so he was, he meandered a little bit. But I did manage to cut it and tweak it a little bit and build some sort of something out of it. The interesting thing was even though he was all over the place, like, he knew what he was doing. He knew exactly what he was doing. He was singing a song that he had in his head. Which I think is pretty impressive for a six year old boy. I also love, "When I was born I was just a young boy". That is so true man. You know, I feel like, I fell like we all feel that way. Anyway that's Rock and Roll Boy enjoy.
40:12 *Song starts*