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JoCo Cruise 2017 (aka JoCo Cruise 7) was announced on January 22, 2016. Watch the official JoCo Cruise website for more up-to-date details!

JoCo Cruise 2017 is a whole cruise ship (Holland America's ms Westerdam) full of music, comedy, and general nerdery, departing from San Diego, CA for a 7-night adventure along the Sea of Cortez.

The 2017 cruise will depart from San Diego, CA on Saturday, March 4th and return on Saturday, March 11th, with ports of call at Cabo San Lucas and Loreto, along with Scenic Cruising in Bahia Magdalena.


Note: All bookings must be made through the JoCo Cruise website.


Bookings opened: January 29, 2016.

Bookings closed: "on Feb. 23rd—or when we run out of cabins, whichever comes first."

First guest announcement: July 14, 2017

Attendance: 1,700 (may or may not include Staff and Performers), according to 2017 Management Q&A session

Capacity: 1,910


Official Schedule:

Released February 23, 2017 (9 days prior to departure)

Unofficial Events: TBA

  • Shadow Cruise Spreadsheet: A place to organize ideas and people with links to event specific information. Please note that this is not requesting space for your event, just an idea of when you will be requesting space, so we can maybe try and plan around each other and not heavily stack on a particular day

List of excursions (.pdf), released on January 12, 2017

Date Location Arrival Departure
Saturday 4 March 2017 Depart San Diego 4:30 pm
Sunday 5 March 2017 At Sea
Monday 6 March 2017 Cabo San Lucas 11 am 7 pm
Tuesday 7 March 2017 Loreto 11 am
Wednesday 8 March 2017 Loreto 3 pm
Thursday 9 March 2017 Scenic Cruising in Bahia Magdalena 3:30 pm 6 pm
Friday 10 March 2017 at Sea
Saturday 11 March 2017 Return to San Diego (sniff!) 7 am


Performers include Jonathan Coulton, Paul and Storm, and friends from across the music, comedy, gaming, and writing worlds.

Performers and Featured Guests†

Jonathan Coulton Paul and Storm Jim Boggia🙁 Cecil Baldwin
Ed Brubaker🙁 Rhea Butcher Chelsea Cain Jeffrey Cranor
Disparition The Doubleclicks Cameron Esposito Mark Gagliardi
Jean Grae Hrishikesh Hirway N. K. Jemisin🙁 Maureen Johnson
Eric Jones Jackie Kashian Zoë Keating Jared Kopf
Mary Robinette Kowal Ted Leo Molly Lewis Hal Lublin
Aimee Mann Justin McElroy Dr. Sydnee McElroy Aparna Nancherla
Nerf Herder Mike Pisciotta David Rees John Roderick
Riz Rollins Patrick Rothfuss Peter Sagal🙁 Symphony Sanders
Adam Savage🙁 John Scalzi Gail Simone Rebecca Sugar
Max Temkin Janet Varney Matthew Weiner🙁 Wil Wheaton

Announced July 14, 2016:

Announced September 30, 2016:

Announced November 2, 2016:

Announced November 10, 2016:

Announced December 22, 2016:

Announced January 10, 2017:

Announced January 26, 2017:

Announced February 9, 2017:

Band members Christian Cassan and Jon Spurney

†Featured Guests will not have their own main stage performances; but they will host events, hold Office Hours, and will very likely appear as guests during other performers’ shows and/or other Main Stage events.

Live Podcasts

The Dork Forest Gosh Darn Fiasco The JV Club Sawbones
Song Exploder Unattended Consequences We Got This with Mark and Hal Welcome to Night Vale

Onboard Internet Availability

THO email (February 8, 2017): The Westerdam offers several different paid Internet packages onboard:

Social Plan (limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp): $14.99/day, $69.99/full cruise

Enhanced Plan (general web surfing and email. Does not support streaming music or Skype): $24.99/day, $99.99/full cruise

Premiere Plan (fastest possible connection, supports Skype video calling): $29.99/day, $139.99/full cruise.

More details are found in this handout which you may download and share. Let the arguing over which is the best choice commence!

FWIW: our testing on the site inspection so far indicates that the Internet on the Westerdam is the most reliable for any JCC to date. Granted, it hasn't been tested by hundreds and hundreds of nerds descending upon it at once, and it certainly isn't what anyone would describe as "zippy," so YMMV. But so far, so good. *knock all the woods*


  • Early Dinner (Red Team) will be at 5pm most evenings
    • Day 3 - Mon. Mar. 6 - dining room will be "Flexible Open Dining"
    • Day 6 - Thu. Mar. 9 - Early Dinner will be at 6pm
  • Late Dinner (Gold Team) will be at 7:30pm most evenings
    • Day 3 - Mon. Mar. 6 - dining room will be "Flexible Open Dining"
    • Day 6 - Thu. Mar. 9 - Late Dinner will be at 8:30pm

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