JoCo Cruise Crazy: 2011-01-07

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JoCo Cruise Crazy - All Request Night[edit]

  • Location: On the Caribbean Sea
  • Date: January 7, 2011
  • Venue: MS Eurodam - Mainstage Show Lounge


  1. Over There
  2. Dance, Soterios Johnson, Dance
  3. That Spells DNA
  4. I'm Your Moon
  5. Now I Am An Arsonist - New song debut
  6. Big Bad World One (with Paul and Storm)
  7. Blue Sunny Day (with Paul and Storm)
  8. My Monkey / Wil Wheaton (with Paul and Storm and Molly Lewis)
  9. Big Dick Farts a Polka (with Paul and Storm, Molly Lewis and Mike Phirman)
  10. Camp Bachelor Alma Mater (with Paul and Storm, Molly Lewis, Mike Phirman and Kevin Murphy)
  11. Birdhouse in Your Soul (with Paul and Storm)
  12. Kenesaw Mountain Landis (with Paul and Storm)
  13. I Feel Fantastic (with Paul and Storm)


  1. The Fancy Pants Parade - Actual parade of...fancy pants
  2. Betty and Me
  3. Better
  4. I Crush Everything
  5. Under the Pines
  6. The Presidents
  7. A Talk With George
  8. Make You Cry (with Paul and Storm)
  9. Curl (with Paul and Storm)
  10. Mandelbrot Set (with Paul and Storm)
  11. The Commander Thinks Aloud (with Paul and Storm and John Roderick)
  12. The Same Mistakes (with Molly Lewis)
  13. Re: Your Brains
  14. First of May (with Paul and Storm)
  15. Sloop John B (with Paul and Storm, Molly Lewis, Mike Phirman, John Roderick, Kevin Murphy, Bill Corbett, John Hodgman, Wil Wheaton and Stephen "Stepto" Toulouse)


  • Performed during JoCo Cruise Crazy
  • Fifth night of the concert series (second with Jonathan headlining)
  • You Ruined Everything would also have been played, but his daughter had left to get a pizza, so he skipped it. Ironic.