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Got a fan project in mind? Need some help? Got some skills? You've come to the right place. Please let us know how you can help expand the JoCoverse.

Person Skills Availability Time Zone Last Updated
Colleenky Musician (singing, transcribing), misc. grunt work Limited Pacific (USA) 15 July 2008
LilMarauder Media Editing/DVD Authoring Variable Eastern (USA) 15 July 2008
MitchO Art (Limited), Statistics, Windmill Tilting Variable Eastern (USA) 15 July 2008
Dr. Perry Cox Research (?) Variable Eastern (USA) 15 July 2008
Three08 writing, editing text, machinima actor in CoH, vocals limited eastern (usa) 15 July 2008
BenS Willing to give most things a go, no special talents. Can (badly) code in python and write bots. Moderate to Good UK (GMT) 15 July 2008
Percephene Wiki stuffs, Facebook app, basic graphic design Varies: Currently Minimal NZ (GMT +12) 16 July 2008
Shruti Forming elaborate plans that never get carried out, the occasional flute-playing, watching others who have actual skills accomplish things. ALSO KNOWN AS: nothing. I can form organizational mental pictures of things but I can't execute them and make them turn up on, say, Wiki pages, so I'm really of very little use in that respect. 1st Aug 2008
Tindomiel Drawing (realism or cartoonish styles): pen and paper, digital media. Music: violin (mostly classical, some Celtic and pop). Crafts: macrame, embroidery, jewelry making, and other random stuff. Varies Pacific (USA) 1st Aug 2008
Agent Lex Kinda made a wiki :P Tend to push people to execute ideas, or come up with "so crazy it just might work" ideas. Not the best of organisers or executors, although some projects haven't turned out too bad... Pretty limited at the moment UK (GMT) 1st Aug 2008
MaW Amateur musician, plays recorders, wind controller (Akai EWI4000s), sings (tenor), composes (slowly and badly). Professional computer programmer, can do C++, Perl 5, Perl 6, Haskell and Java and maybe other things. English grammar pedant. Variable UK (GMT) 29th May 2009