Madison, WI: 2008-05-02

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Madison, WI

  • Location: Madison, WI
  • Date: May 02, 2008
  • Venue: Majestic Theater
  • Supporting act: Paul and Storm


Incomplete, perhaps out of order

  1. The Future Soon - partial video
  2. Shop Vac
  3. When You Go
  4. Curl - video (includes Big Bad World One)
  5. Big Bad World One
  6. Still Alive
  7. Code Monkey
  8. Creepy Doll - video
  9. Mr. Fancy Pants (complete with Never Gonna Give You Up) - video
  10. You Ruined Everything
  11. I'm Your Moon - video
  12. I Feel Fantastic
  13. Ikea
  14. I Crush Everything
  15. Mandelbrot Set
  16. Skullcrusher Mountain
  17. Re: Your Brains
  1. First of May
  2. Sweet Caroline


  • Video of Milk Dud sabotage before Nugget Man [1]
  • In an apparent reference to Paul and Storm's opening song, "Opening Band," during which the audience traditionally throws panties onstage, a pair of wet underwear was thrown onstage during Jonathan's introductory banter. [2]
  • Jonathan gave special song request privileges to an audience member named Lisa who let him borrow a laptop cord before the set. [3]