Manchester, UK: 2011-06-10

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Manchester, UK[edit]

  • Location: Manchester, UK
  • Date: June 10, 2011
  • Venue: Manchester Academy 2 (Previously Academy 3, but moved to the larger venue)
  • Supporting act: Paul and Storm

YouTube playlist


With Paul and Storm (*)

  1. Better
  2. Ikea
  3. Shop Vac
  4. I'm Your Moon
  5. Alone at Home
  6. Big Bad World One *
  7. Down Today *
  8. Always the Moon *
  9. Tom Cruise Crazy *
  10. Code Monkey *
  11. Creepy Doll *
  12. Nobody Loves You Like Me
  13. Good Morning Tucson
  14. The Future Soon
    Impromptu Q&A session
  15. Skullcrusher Mountain
  16. Want You Gone
  17. Still Alive
  18. Re: Your Brains
  1. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) *
  2. I Feel Fantastic *


  • 'G' string on acoustic snapped midway through 'The Future Soon', continues song regardless and has a mini Q&A while Storm changed the string. When he played the same song the next night in London, his 'D' string snapped. This time he did not finish the song, but did have a mini Q&A. The only question common to both Q&A sessions was about what underwear JoCo was wearing.
  • JoCo played Down Today and Always the Moon on a ukulele which he appeared to be unfamiliar with. Somebody in the audience commented that the uke still had the price tag attached. Jonathan remarked that it was not even a tag for the uke, but for its Nylgut strings. At various points during the concert, he read out parts of the Nylgut marketing spiel, finally finishing it after Skullcrusher Mountain. Nylgut strings came up again during the encore, when he and Paul and Storm made various lolcat(gut) jokes.
  • Angelastic recorded parts of the sound check, during which JoCo rapped during Paul and Storm's rehearsal of Frogger! The Frogger Musical and used The Mouth (the software used for Nobody Loves You Like Me to sing part of Paul and Storm's Nun Fight, after they'd sung part of Nobody Loves You Like Me.