Minneapolis, MN: 2012-06-18

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  • Location: Minneapolis, MN
  • Date: 2012-06-18
  • Venue: Gutherie Threater
  • Supporting act: John Roderick


(I do not have the actual setlist, so the order of these songs is not necessarily correct. The first few and last few should be in the right order.)

  1. Code Monkey
  2. Sticking It To Myself
  3. Big Bad World One
  4. Redshirt
  5. Still Alive
  6. Want You Gone
  7. First of May
  8. Mandelbrot Set
  9. Good Morning Tuscon
  10. Je Suis Rick Springfield
  11. A Talk With George
  12. Re: Your Brains
  13. Shop Vac
  14. Tom Cruise Crazy
  15. You Ruined Everything
  16. Skullcrusher Mountain Sung by Scarface
  17. Make You Cry
  18. I Feel Fantastic
  1. I Crush Everything
  2. Mr Fancy Pants
  3. Nemeses
  4. Feel Like Makin' Love (Cover)


The "song" Bus Plunge was requested and "sung" twice. John complained of a "Trust Gulf" between him and the audience regarding the tuning of his guitar. John Roderick, in the opening act, said he wanted to be known for tuning too much on the internet. Tuning was a reoccuring theme throughout the concert as many audience members yelled out instructions for Coulton to tune certain strings.