Monkey Shines/Tabs

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Dsus2 - xx0230
G13 - 3xx030
Em - 022000
Asus4 - x02230
A - x02220
B - x24442
E - 022100
G#m - 466444
A* - 577655
B*- 799877
C#m - x46654
F# - 244322
E/G# - 476454
F#m - 244222
F#m/E - 044222
D - xx0232

 Dsus2                   G13
When it gets bad do you believe it will get better?
 Dsus2                   G13 (bass: G F# E)  
Can you forget the big mistake?
 Em                          Asus4
Is it really living if you're living by the letter?
 Em                       A       B
How many monkeys does it take, to change a lifetime?

  E         G#m                  A*                 A*   G#m    A*  B*
(JoCo) Your monkey (JoCo) got a second chance, he thinks he'll take it
  E         G#m                      A*           A*  G#m  A*   B*
(JoCo) Your monkey (JoCo) knows that life is only what you make it
C#m                 E               F#
And once you learn how to love it's time to let it show
        A* E/G# F#m  F#m/E B        D  A  E
'Cause mon-key shines wher-ever you go____