My Monkey

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My Monkey
ReleaseThing a Week One
Release date9-23-2005
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"My Monkey" is a song on Jonathan Coulton's fourth album Thing a Week One.


"My Monkey" was released as the second Thing a Week on September 23rd, 2005.

At the Pontiac, MI show, Jonathan explained this song as being a description of an argument. The narrator is trying to explain to the person he's arguing with how he feels but he can't really talk about his own feelings. Instead, he projects those feelings and experiences through his monkey butler, Brian Dennehy.

Live performance[edit]

Because of the sparse arrangement and multiple vocals, "My Monkey" had not been performed at a Jonathan Coulton concert for quite a while after it was released. It was first performed live on April 26, 2008 in Seattle, in a rare quartet performance with Jonathan (performing on the Tenori-On), Paul and Storm and Molly (on ukelele). Since then, Jonathan, Paul and Storm have performed it occasionally, always accompanied by the Tenori-On.

"My Monkey" was performed at Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) on September 5, 2009 with Paul and Storm and Molly. This performance was notable for changing the lyric "my monkey" to "Wil Wheaton" for the entire song. This performance was followed by a group hug between Coulton, Wheaton, Paul, Storm, and Molly.[1]



"My Monkey" is available for purchase in the Jonathan Coulton MP3 Store as an individual track or as part of Thing a Week I. Of course, this song is also included as part of the "Everything" playlist.

Downloadable FLAC versions of the above are available in the Jonathan Coulton FLAC Store.


"Thing a Week I" is available for purchase as a CD here.

Other versions[edit]

A karaoke version of "My Monkey" (studio recording version) is available on the Jonathan Coulton Karaoke Store.


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