Never Gonna Give You Up/Tabs

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This is how JoCo played it at PAX 2008, or at least the basic  chord structure.

Intro (First of May intro) : ||: G C/G | G C/G:||
Chords Used: 
C x32013
D xx0232
Am 002210
F# 133211
G 320003
C                           D
    We're no strangers to love
C                           D
    You know the rules and so do I
C                          D
    A commitment's what I'm thinking of
C                            D
    You won't get that from any other guy
Am                D
    I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling
Am                D  
    Gotta make you understand

             C       D
Never gonna give you up
             F#      G               
Never gonna let you down
             C      D           D    G
Never gonna run a-round and de-sert you
              C       D
Never gonna make you cry
             F#     G
Never gonna say goodbye
              C     D       D    G
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you