New York, NY (Holiday Show): 2012-12-14

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New York, NY[edit]

Last of the One Christmas at a Time shows with John Roderick, with Adam Bernstein on bass guitar and piano and Christian Cassan on drums and (briefly) Zendrum. John Hodgman performed solo and Cynthia Hopkins sang with backing.


Jonathan Coulton, John Roderick and band:

John Hodgman (solo):

  • Santa Baby

John Roderick (solo):

  • Sometimes You Have to Work on Christmas (Harvey Danger song)

Jonathan Coulton (solo):

John Roderick (with JoCo as DJ):

Cynthia Hopkins:

  • It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (with Adam and Christian)
  • If We Can Make It Through December (with JoCo on guitar, JoRo on bass, Adam on piano, and Christian on drums)

Jonathan Coulton, John Roderick and band:



  • Alice's pictures from the evening: (Flickr link)
  • Jingle Bell Rock is, in JoCo's opinion, the worst Christmas song.
  • White Christmas is, again in JoCo's opinion, the perfect Christmas song.
  • John Roderick started reeling off the five savior babies, including Gordon, the savior baby of Manitoba.
  • This was the first time on the tour that they played the entire "One Christmas at a Time" album, and the first time that they played "Christmas with You Is the Best".