Nobody Loves You Like Me/Tabs

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Chords by Hamish Milne

F               C7
Here at the bar who cares what I do
I'm all alone but I'm drinking for two
Drowning the man that I used to be
Nobody loves you like me

I won't sign a thing, or else if I do
I'll use a pencil and that will show you
How nothing lasts, how nothing is free
Nobody loves you like me

(F)         Bb                     F
I shouldn't stay, I think you'll agree
                 C                  F
It's no good for you, no better for me
                    Bb                 F
In the morning I'll go to a place far away
                 C7 F   Gm   C
Somewhere you'll ne-ver find me

I catch a look, a thing that you say
Out on the fire escape smoking all day
Missing someone, now who could it be
Nobody loves you like me

Noises outside, the trucks in the street
Will cover my flight, my hero's retreat
I'm supposed to feel bad but I don't anymore
          C     C7
Only when you remind me

Air in my lungs, a cough and a wheeze
Holes in the bellows and blood on the keys
You move along, there's nothing to see
Nobody loves you like me
Nobody loves you like me