One More Score

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One More Score
Release date2005-06-16
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One More Score is a song with music by Jonathan Coulton and with lyrics by Jonathan and Adam Stein. It has never been recorded in studio.


"One More Score" was written for Little Gray Book Lecture #31, "How to Commit the Perfect Crime." The song's only known performance was as part of this lecture, held at the Galapagos Arts Space, in Brooklyn, New York, on June 16, 2005 [1].

The song is sung from the points of view of two thieves, one of whom, portrayed by Jonathan, has betrayed his sidekick, played by Stein.

A spoken interlude has the two thieves arguing with one another over what has happened to their stolen diamonds before Coulton's character gives Stein's character a teddy bear, instructing him to "tear its throat open." It is not apparent in the live audio recording, but the diamonds were stuffed inside the teddy bear.

Coulton credits Stein with the line, "Je t'adore."


Available through awryone's download page. The link to the mp3 from Coulton's blog post is no longer active.


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