Ottawa, ON: 2010-05-28

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Ottawa, ON[edit]

  • Location: Ottawa, ON
  • Date: May 28, 2010
  • Venue: Gladstone Theater
  • Supporting act: Paul and Storm


NOTE: This setlist is NOT in order, and not complete. It's a start, pieced together from youtube videos, etc. If you were actually at this show or know the real setlist, please update it!

  1. Ikea
  2. Mandelbrot Set
  3. I'm Your Moon
  4. Blue Sunny Day
  5. The Future Soon
  6. Big Bad World One
  7. You Ruined Everything
  8. Still Alive
  9. Skullcrusher Mountain
  10. Re: Your Brains
  11. Shop Vac
  12. Mr. Fancy Pants
  13. First of May
  14. Better


  • Playlist of youtube videos: [1]