Podsafe Christmas Song

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Podsafe Christmas Song
ReleaseThing a Week One
Release date11-30-2005
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  • 11th Thing a Week, released November 30th, 2005.
  • This song is a tribute/parody to the Alvin and the Chipmunks song, The Christmas Song
  • The "chipmunks" in the song are supposed to be CC Chapman from the Accident Hash podcast, Len and Nora from the Jawbone Radio podcast, and Adam Curry, from the Daily Source Code podcast.
  • Len of Jawbone Radio is Len Peralta, the same Len who was responsible for the VTAW project.
  • "Podsafe" refers to a song being safe (legal) to play on a person's podcast. Copyrighted songs can't be legally used on podcasts.
  • The "RIAA" referenced in the song refers to the Recording Industry Association of America, whose efforts to sue and bully consumers of music has earned them a bad reputation.
  • This song came about due in large part to Len of Jawbone Radio wanting to be able to play Christmas music on his podcast. Joining forces with fellow podcasters C.C. Chapman of Accident Hash and Big Mike and Just Sue of the Extra Super Action Show, Len originally contacted several other musicians (most notably the band Cruisebox, who had had a moderate hit with their song "On A Podcast" the previous summer) to record a podsafe Christmas song in time for the holiday season 2005. C.C. Chapman introduced Len to Jonathan Coulton, telling Len that Jonathan had the right kind of "quirky vibe" for the project. The rest was history. This song is credited with starting the Visual Thing A Week phenomenon, as Len was looking for a way to thank Jonathan for working him into the song. More details of the collaboration can be found at Len's blog [[1]]


Available in MP3 and FLAC format in the JoCo store and in the Thing a Week One CD.


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