Podsafe Christmas Song/Tabs

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Transcribed by Yngve

(C F C G7 G7/A G7/B) x a million

G7 G7/A G7/B C       F         C
We want a    podsafe Christmas song
C/G       C           A       Dm G
We want a song that's safe to play
G/B            G7
Don't think us rude
G7/A G7/B  C
We   don't want to get sued
C/D C/E D              D/E D/F# G
By  the thugs at the R I   A    A
G7 G7/A G7/B C        F          C    C/G
We have been good the whole year long
C     C7   C7/D C7/E F  F/C
Santa don't     de - lay
F         D       C         A
Give us a podsafe Christmas song
   D         G         C
To celebrate Christmas Day