San Francisco, CA: 2009-01-17

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San Francisco, CA[edit]


  1. Big Bad World One
  2. Shop Vac - partial video
  3. Skullcrusher Mountain
  4. Someone Is Crazy
  5. The Presidents - video
  6. I Hate California
  7. Drinking With You
  8. Tom Cruise Crazy (with Paul and Storm) - video
  9. Code Monkey (with Paul and Storm)
  10. My Monkey (with Paul and Storm)
  11. Chiron Beta Prime (with Paul and Storm and feat. Andy Bates)
  12. Always the Moon (with Paul and Storm)
  13. Birdhouse in Your Soul (with Paul and Storm) - partial video
  14. Creepy Doll (with Paul and Storm)
  15. Mr. Fancy Pants (with rickroll) - partial video
  16. Space Doggity
  17. The Future Soon
  18. Mandelbrot Set
  19. The Presidents (take 2) - video, video 2
  20. A Talk With George
  21. Re: Your Brains
  1. You Ruined Everything
  2. Soft Rocked by Me (including Soft Rock Medley with Paul and Storm)


  • The first time Jonathan attempted to play The Presidents he had an epic fail, however he pulled it out the bag the second time, ftw.
  • Full audio of the show is available here.