Seattle, WA: 2010-02-26

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Seattle, WA[edit]

  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Date: 2010-02-26
  • Venue: The Moore Theatre
  • Supporting act: Paul and Storm
  • Special guest: Molly


  1. Betty and Me video
  2. Ikea video
  3. Shop Vac video
  4. Code Monkey video
  5. Millionaire Girlfriend video
  6. Curl (With Paul and Storm) video
  7. Big Bad World One (With Paul and Storm) video
  8. Creepy Doll (With Paul and Storm) video
  9. My Monkey (With Paul and Storm, Molly) video
  10. Always the Moon (With Paul and Storm, Molly) video
  11. Bills, Bills, Bills (With Paul and Storm, Molly) video
  12. It All Makes Sense At The End (Molly solo) video
  13. Road Trip (Molly solo) video
  14. Fingertips (With Paul and Storm, Molly) TMBG cover. video
  15. Mr. Fancy Pants video
  16. Skullcrusher Mountain video
  17. The Future Soon video
  18. Still Alive video
  19. Re: Your Brains video
  1. First of May video


  • After Creepy Doll, Jonathan decided that he needed someone to smooth back his hair after that song. Someone in the audience offered to be that person in a funny voice, and everyone onstage decided that Cookie Monster was going to take care of Jonathan's hair. Molly came out soon, and remarked that all she could think about when she was backstage was "C is for Coulton".
  • Fingertips was played for the first time here live. At first everyone thought that their performance might be a B-, but Jonathan eventually decided that it was a B, and maybe even a B+.
  • Playlist link for the whole concert: playlist