Square Things/Tabs

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Transcribed by Colcoction

E                      Am     C7
I love the shape of square things
F       B7      E
But in my defense
E                       Am    C7
Right at the edge is where things
F            B7       E
Started to not make sense

E Am Am/F# x2

E                        Am   C7
Inside the cube you're spinning
F             B7     E
Colors slide into place
E                           Am   C7
Just when you think you're winning
     F        B7
You mix up a different face

C#m      G#
Then you wish for
B       F#
Bigger fish or
A        E        F#
Just some other thing
C#m     G#
So you cast her
B          F#
In your disaster
A                   Am
Yes, it hurts, but only when you sing

E                   Am  C7
Like your heart is broken
F               B7        E
Bruise at the softest touch
E                      Am   C7
Best leave the rest unspoken
F               B7
Who wants to care that much

C#m          G#
Here's your chance kid
B          F#
Look what you did
A         E      F#
How could I complain
C#m      G#
At the world's end
B       F#
With a new friend
A                    Am
Getting high on the same old dumb champagne

E                      F#
Still me, quiet as a grave
C#m      B   
I could play dumb
A      Am
Walk away from
E                                F#
What might be something I could save
C#m      B
Take my chances
A      G
Circumstances won't change me much

E Am C7 F B7 E
E Am C7 F B7

C#m    G#
God forbid you
B          F#
Leave the grid you
A         E       F#
Know you must disclose
C#m          G#
That's your one strike
B          F#
What's it feel like
A                    Am
Soft and round, but sometimes even those

E                          Am    C7
Things are shaped like square things
F               B7        E
Corners where you can hide
E                       Am    C7
Sometimes you can't repair things
F           B7      E
Everyone choose a side