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Supergroup is ostensibly a band Jonathan Coulton was a part of very early on. From an email from Jonathan:

I'll give you these facts:

Supergroup was formed sometime in 1996, and it was me, Darin Strauss on lead guitar, Alex 'Pooch' Pucciariello on bass, and Eric Salat on drums. Darin sang lead on a couple of songs as well, and I played electric guitar for the most part. We sang my songs and some covers (notably, 'Islands in the Stream' 'Sweet Caroline' and 'Down Under'). We rehearsed about twice as much as we played, which is to say, not much. Most often we played at a place on the lower east side called the Sidewalk Cafe. Our last gig together was sometime in 2001, shortly after 9/11. Darin wrote a couple of songs that we played, whose names I can't remember now. We also had one song we kind of wrote together (if you can call it a song) that I believe was called 'We Are Supergroup and We're Gonna Rock You,' which we usually sang at the end of our set, as a kind of joke. Ha ha.

We were also sometimes known as The Six Million Dollar Band.