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Sweet Information
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"Sweet Information" is a song by Jonathan Coulton that was initially created as John Hodgman's theme song during the audio recording of Little Gray Books Lecture #29, "How to Communicate Without the Aid of Wires." It was intended for potential use as the radio theme song for the lecture series, which at the time was being pitched to NPR and other broadcast companies as a potential radio series.

The lyrics for the same theme song were eventually rewritten to become the theme song used for the book tour, and later the opening song to the audiobook version of John's book, The Areas of My Expertise, and then re-written again as the theme song for the More Information Than You Require book tour as well.


The full Little Gray Book version of the theme song as first used in Philadelphia PA can be downloaded here: [1]

The full Little Gray Book show in which it appeared can be heard on the public radio website PRX at this location: [2]

The final verse of "Sweet Information" is available as a free download from Spiff's collection of Jonathan Coulton acoustic recordings here.

The full Areas of my Expertise theme song can also be heard also on YouTube videos taken by audience members at various book tour venues, such as this one in Washington DC: [3].