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Version Two: Areas of My Expertise

D                         A           
Now is the time when the world really needs him,
E                    G Gsus 
Wisdom is out of our reach.
D                          A 
Out of the wasteland there comes a redeemer
E                       G Gsus 
Whose only desire is to teach.

E                             G 
Don't waste your time at some fancy college.
D                                A Asus
Forget that, There's too much to read.
E                                 G
He's got a book of complete world knowledge;
D                    A Asus
It's all you'll ever need.

D (Palmed through the entire interlude.)
(Here comes an interlude in which John Hodgman welcomes the audience and makes reference to his book. He goes through the short title of the book, then from memory gives the longer title, ending with the phrase "and most other subjects.")

D                                  A
Most other subjects include having asthma,
E                G Gsus 
Tipping in fancy hotels,
D                               A       
Terrible haircuts, {whispered:} Dungeons! & Dragons!
E                    G Gsus  
Monsters and magical spells.

E                       G
All of your travels are finally over,
D                                    A Asus 
You're safe now, there's nothing to fear.
E                        G                                  
Tip back a glass of your favorite beverage,
D                     A
You're lucky to be here!

D                                 A
Because tonight, you're holding a key.
          E              G
Fits in a lock, opens a door.
D                                A
Shows you a room, it's holding a heart.
                 E                        G
It's pumping the blood, it's feeding your brain
D                       G Gsus
With information, sweet information,
D                       G G sus
Sweet information!