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Do we really want Kirsten's entry to be "The Doifter" and not "Kirsten Shirts"? Other performing "fans" (Emily, Molly) are listed by their names, which is what I think more people know them as. Spiff is Spiff, but I think that's the one situation where more folks are more familiar with the nick. --MitchO 00:21, 28 April 2008 (EDT)

I don't know -- either sounds plausible (although it's "Kristen", not "Kirsten"). I think of her as "The Doifter," because that's the first moniker I remember seeing her use, but I'd roughly guess that if you're familiar with one, you're familiar with both. (I could be wrong -- I haven't been at the shows where she's performed live, where I guess she's been introduced by her real name, so perhaps many more people know her by that.)
Reasoning by analogy won't get us far, unfortunately -- both Emily and Molly have screennames / YouTube user names distinct from their real names, but they aren't generally referred to by their screennames, from what I can tell. And Spiff does frequently mention his real name, but he goes by "Spiff" everywhere that I know of.
Come to think of it, Kristen's said something about something like this on her blog, way back -- ah, here it is.

I began trying to get people to call me The Doifter as an experiment to test the theory that a person can not choose their own nickname. For a couple of years, it was conclusive proof that the theory was true. Then I started using the name on the Internet and discovered that on the Internet, you can choose whatever nickname you darn well please. I find that kind of fascinating.

(Also see that link for the explanation of the origins of the nick, which I've been meaning to add to the wiki myself, but now someone else can do it. See January 2007 for the first cover version of a Doifter original, I can't resist mentioning...)
So I'm inclined to keep her page under "The Doifter" -- I'm happy with the solution of redirecting from Kristen Shirts, as Mark's done. My two cents. --Bry 00:46, 28 April 2008 (EDT)