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Params are as follows:

  • type = the type of release. If the release is an album, this parameter is not necessary. Other options follow:
    • EP for an extended play release
    • comp for a compilation
    • live for a live album
  • img = name of image of the album cover. Will be resized to 150 pixels width. Use the image name, eg ShopVac.jpg, NOT the image command eg Image:ShopVac.jpg.
    • This param is no longer necessary, but is recommended.
  • tracks = number of tracks
  • release = release date of the album, preferably in the format mm-dd-yyyy (to keep our American friends happy)
    • Not a mandatory param.
  • catalog = the album's catalog number
    • very very non-mandatory
  • albumlink = link to album page on jonathancoulton.com, eg thing-a-week-i (NOT the full URL eg http://www.jonathancoulton.com/albums/thing-a-week-i) Be sure NOT to include any spaces in albumlink, use %20 instead!
    • Note that for albums which do not appear on jonathancoulton.com, the link is not necessary.