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I'm very wary of doing image tweaks around these parts since my knowledge of CC etc is pretty non-existant and also I don't know who did the original cute code monkey and I have tweaked a version of it for the JoCo Facebook app I'm working on and haven't received word back from JoCo if its ok or not. Basically, is the sad code monkey ok? Can we get away with it? Its so darn cute! :( ~ Percephene ~ talk contribs 01:07, 14 May 2008

The "cute monkey" original is, naturally enough, by Len -- it's the winning entry from this t-shirt contest. I want to say it's Creative Commons-licensed, which would make this okay, but I haven't been able to verify it in five minutes' searching (sorry). --Bry 21:54, 13 May 2008 (EDT)