The World Belongs to You/Tabs

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Intro riff


Chords by Hamish Milne, edited by Skyen

C Cmaj7 Am D/F# G

G           C          D         G
 Out of the clear blue cloudless skies
  C       D         G
A bolt of lightning came
            C       D      G
Were you at least a bit surprised
     C      D          G
When angels spoke your name?

They said it's you
               C     Cmaj7    G
Who puts the gravity in the ground
They said it's you
              C     Cmaj7    G
Who all the stars revolve around
Scientists were wrong
           Am    Cmaj7  C                D
And you suspected all along it might be true
                     C   Cmaj7 Am D/F# G
The world belongs to you

No one escapes the things they've done
A fate that fits the crime
You've got a plan for everyone
Where do you find the time?

Because it's you
Dancing the planets on a string
And it's you who's got to handle everything
There'll be hell to pay
Unless we all behave the way you want us to
The world belongs to you

Em                        C
   From inside these limousines
                     G            D/Bm
The world is looking darker every day
Em                        C
   And you wonder if that means
                         G            D/Bm
That when you close your eyes it goes away
    C    Cm
It goes away

Tie up your loose ends one by one
Your time is almost through
Even your angels think you're done
They roll their eyes at you

Because it's you
Who's getting bigger every day
And it's you
Who's gonna drive them all away
As they turn to go
You can forgive them for they know not what they do
The world belongs to you