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I seem to have inadvertently become the administrator of JoCopedia. If you have any large feature requests, get in contact with me via one of the following methods:

  • email: agent-spot-lex-splat-gmail-spot-com
  • AIM: aagentlex
  • Private message on the forums
  • My user talk page
  • My Twitter (okay, not so much a way to contact me, but still)

If you have any feature requests, go ahead and contact the mods here.


Based on this thread over at the forums...

  • How old are you? / What year were you born?
22 / 1985
  • How long have you been listening to JoCo?
Probably about 2 or 3 years total, though I haven't been a true addict for that long
  • How were you introduced to JoCo? (Friend, blog, fanvid, Portal...?) Perhaps even something about "how long between first hearing a JoCo song and getting interested in JoCo."
There's a long version and a short version, but I'll keep it short. Some of the people at Radio KoL started playing JoCo, and much later when looking for some music to download I remembered him.
  • What was the first JoCo song you heard?
Probably Baby Got Back, maaaayyyybe Mandelbrot Set. One of the popular ones.
  • What is your favorite JoCo song?
I plead the fifth. Even though I'm a UK resident.