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Due to my location and healthy obsession with the state of JoCo's nostrils and underbeard, I'm usually the one with a camera on the stage at his feet at shows outside North America. I've learnt not to put my camera in time-lapse mode. As a member of the Order of the Inner Sanctum Guard, I also consider it my duty to ensure that panties are thrown at Paul and Storm at all such shows. If you see me, say hello and I'll probably offer you Swiss chocolate. If you don't see me, it's because I'm a ninja.

The JoCo-related thing I'm most proud of is my video for A Laptop Like You. The JoCo-related thing I'm most likely to forget I did was a 'Roses are Red'-style poem for each song in Thing A Week. Probably the Paul and Storm-related thing I'm most proud of was getting Paul to wear a bananostring, although I like to imagine the measuring-stick panties I threw at them a few days earlier had something to do with this performance of Enormous Penis. I should probably put more effort into Paul-and-Storm-related pride.