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ap-bot is a bot that apollo set up to do menial labour for her, but he is a malevolent and mischievous child, so he is not cooperating with her at the moment.

if he were not so uppity, he might be implementing a certain show template right about now. in the meantime, he will be doing some other simple jobs, mostly categorising pages and other such tasks. ap-bot has the user rights of a JoCopedia moderator and bot. he is runnning on the pywikipediabot framework and edits as needed, not continuously. ap-bot has also got a new artificial heart.

if you notice ap-bot behaving in a way he shouldn't, or if you have a suggestion for a job he can do, feel free to notify apollo.

things ap-bot does[edit]

  • categorises pages and files that are not categorised from a text-based list. he has contributed to or generated the following categories:
  • mass-deletes harmful pages marked with {{delete}} or {{spam}} tags