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About Me (Mini Survey)[edit]

Based on this thread over at the forums...

  • How old are you? / What year were you born?
17 / 1990 (one of those meddling kids).
  • Where are you from?
I am from London, UK. Being 17 I still live here with my parents.
  • How long have you been listening to JoCo?
First heard him around December 2007, haven't stopped
  • How were you introduced to JoCo? (Friend, blog, fanvid, Portal...?) Perhaps even something about "how long between first hearing a JoCo song and getting interested in JoCo."
My teacher of Physics introduced me to the song Mandelbrot Set at an after school club we set up to do fun things at. I looked up the artist when I got home and was sold on him. I later joined the community around March 2008 when JoCo first came to the UK.
  • What was the first JoCo song you heard?
Mandelbrot Set
  • What is your favorite JoCo song?
It changes, I listen to one song over and over at one time then will pick other songs over it at others, depends on mood. I love too many of his songs to have a favourite. It would make the other songs jealous and we don't want that now.

Role in JoCopedia[edit]

Starting out with no wiki skills or experience I entered to help. I started on lyric checking, reluctantly editing odd mistakes.

Next I moved onto the Press Coverage page, here I populated the lists and started some transcriptions, I still hang around in this part of the wiki when I have the time. I get e-mails from Scarface about new articles and interviews to put up, I would say I am in charge over there.

Next I decided to learn to code and made BenSbot, this is my trusty bot who does what I program him to do. So far we have mainly been dealing with statistics in shows but who knows where we will end up. All code is documented in BenSbot's user area. He is coded in python.

Other JoCo related things I do[edit]

I live in the forums and try to join in with most the discussions there, hopefully I add something to them but more often than not I probably don't. Due to my living in the forums I took on the responsibility of running The Travels of The Ponkey, a project where a toy Ponkey travels the world visiting fans on its way round. This is due to end in December 2008 but time dependant there is a good chance I will do the same again next year. I also go to any local JoCo Shows when I can.