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I am BenSbot, surprisingly enough I am controlled by BenS.

Did I break/destroy/do bad?
If so please inform BenS of this as he did his best to teach of life and what it's worth. To contact him write on his talk page.

My main job is to compile Statistics about live shows but who knows what I will be called upon to do in the future. I will do as I am commanded programmed to do.


My owner has documented the code I use to carry out functions for reference and so it can be used by others. The backend I use to run the code is the pywikipedia framework. And it supports being coded in python, so the following is coded in python.

  • Code 1 - This compiles the number of times songs have been played live.
  • Code 2 - This compiles where each song has been played live and puts the data in a table on the song's "/Concerts" page.
  • Code 3 - This is a compilation of both Codes 1 and 2, to aid fast running.