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This ought to be an extension, but until it is, here is a messy hack. I will be astounded if it works.

Edit this section to create your show[edit]

You can use this page to create a new show page. Fill in the correct parameters and you'll get the proper pages linked for you.

When you hit "Edit," you will see the following code:

{{User:Bry/Create show page helper

Replace the "date" parameter with the date, in YYYYMMDD format, of the show. Replace the "city" parameter with the city and state, with underscores instead of spaces. Then hit "Show preview," and you should see a different version of the two links.

The first link will take you to the new show page, all set up for you. Fill in the template and save the page.

The second link will take you to the page that's required by the Shows calendar. Make that into a redirect, or ask a mod for help -- it's complicated to explain, but straightforward to do, I find.

Good luck!


Shows calendar/Calendar "Shows calendar" (2-21-2009) - Event 1

End edit section[edit]