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Suggestions culled from this thread on the JoCo Forums, for the JoCo Forums.

Things that can be done without installing things[edit]

None currently. If there's something that I can do (i.e. things that don't require server-side manipulation), get in touch with me please.

Things that require help from The Powers That Be and are easy[edit]

  • Add menu items linking back to the JoCo main page (and possibly this wiki) following these instructions.
  • Fix login box to say "E-mail / username" instead of just "E-mail" as Chicazul suggests here.

Preexisting extensions[edit]

  • Add a polling extension, see comment here.
  • Perhaps a more verbose profile? Possibly About Me, which from comments seems to be still a little unfinished (but improving).

Things that require help from The Powers That Be and are hard[edit]

  • Fix RSS feeds; my comments here.
  • Possibly change the WYSIWYG editor? It's great when I'm not using IE, but sometimes I have to use IE.
  • Fix mobile site -- currently Chicazul reports that it doesn't show search or DM, and there's no way to bring up the non-mobile site either.
  • Improve the theme of the current site? That's a big decision, not to mention commitment.

More to follow. This is a stub.