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At JoCopedia talk:Editing guidelines/Songs, I wrote of an idea I had for a "comprehensive and radical reimagining of video links on this wiki -- I've mentioned this change before on the forums and elsewhere on the wiki, but it'd involve having some way to incorporate ratings or user votes (even up or down votes). Maybe even have the highest-ranked video on the page be embedded. (This would, perhaps, involve creating a separate wiki page just to hold a video, with vote options)".

Here is my -- I don't know, proposed protocol or something:

Create (with a script) a custom "add video" page (edited to add -- this can probably just be a template, come to think), which would take in inputs:

  • name of song (with some fudging, in cases such as recordings with multiple songs, or a medley, or of a cover never recorded in studio, or of banter)
  • If a recording of a live performance, the title of the JoCopedia page for the gig (e.g. Minneapolis, MN: 2008-05-01)
  • if a fan vid, name of creator(s)
  • link to embed the recording
  • other details / comments / info

and generate a page for that video featuring:

  • embedded video
  • author, title, info, etc.
  • voting options (whether 1-5, 1-10, or just +1/-1)
(note: when this page is embedded into another page, not all this info will be included)

(Nomenclature note: I'm going to use "vidpage" to refer to the as-yet-hypothetical entry thus generated, and "songs' video page" refers to the list of videos related to each song, e.g. The Future Soon/Videos.)

Then every day, bots could sweep through the songs' video pages, putting in the links to all the relevant vidpages, calculating the top-rated video, and embedding that vidpage at the top of the page (or perhaps even on the song page itself). That way, for instance, on a page like Code Monkey/Videos, we might have all the fanvids in order by rating, with the highest-rated fan video, let's say Spiff's for sake of argument, having its vidpage (including authorship info for Spiff and votey buttons, as well as the video itself) embedded. (We could even allow multiple embedded vidpages if appropriate.) Any negatively rated videos could be archived in a Code Monkey/Videos archive page, which would include every link, while the main Code Monkey/Videos page could be more selective.

Similarly, bots could comb the setlists of shows, reordering videos so that the highest-rated version of each song is the first link. Also, this would presumably preclude the necessity of manually adding video links to shows and songs pages.

If anyone has any part of the technical knowhow required to do any part of this, I'd be absolutely delighted to hear from you.

--Bry 02:25, 4 May 2008 (EDT)