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In the world of Jonathan Coulton fandom I am an old, old, old person. I am off on one edge of the stegosaurus-shaped distribution that is the JoCo fan forum. The OLD, crumbly edge. Thanks to this wiki, I have finally encountered wikis (I've never participated in a wiki before.) That is because I am old, old as the hills, older than many of the slight inclines created by making curb cuts for ancient old folk in wheelchairs, but younger than nearly all of the dinosaurii.

In 1951, I was kissed at an airport by Richard Nixon.

My own first encounter with JoCo music was through the JoCoPro video for IKEA. I kept coming back to YouTube listen to it, and finally decided to search other music by the same guy. Then discovered Thing A Week, then started catching up on the blog and the forum.

These are my cats, present (Mr. Bingley, the mackeral tabby, is currently alive) and past (Batman, the 26-pound gray and white behemoth, has, sadly, passed on).