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About Me (Mini Survey)[edit]

Based on this thread over at the forums...

  • How old are you? / What year were you born?
49 / 12th June 1963
  • Where are you from?
Dundee, Scotland
  • How long have you been listening to JoCo?
SInce August 2008
  • How were you introduced to JoCo? (Friend, blog, fanvid, Portal...?) Perhaps even something about "how long between first hearing a JoCo song and getting interested in JoCo."
On the way to The Gathering a friend said "I brought this to play on the way down, I think you'll like it... PING !!!
  • What was the first JoCo song you heard?
Code Monkey
  • What is your favorite JoCo song?
As with a lot of people, it changes from time to time. But I never grow tired of hearing When You Go

Role in JoCopedia[edit]

All I have done is added the details for Glasgow, UK: 2008-10-25

Other JoCo related things I do[edit]

Forum Junkie. Ponkey and Code Monkey Host. I also joined JoCo on stage and added the "Message Redacted" part of Chiron Beta Prime to the live show in Glasgow, UK: 2008-10-25, as well as video-ing most of the show, I can also be heard harmonising to the last chorus of the song.