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About me[edit]

I post (occasionally) on the JoCo forums/Travels of Code Monkey2 as Ceridwyn(WasTaken) because I created the login aaaagggeees ago but I tend to go by Percephene these days on the internet so yeah, its kinda interchangable.

I've had a fair bit of wiki experience and am happy to lend my wiki-know-how to this project in any way I can (while it stays small and manageable!)

If you are new to wikis feel free to leave me a msg on my discussion page and I'll attempt to help as best I can!

Long time listener, discovered through a friend ;)

Current project: A JoCo blog feed app on Facebook. - Finally finished! Please add it if you use Facebook and want to help Jonathan share his music around the world! ^_^ (Let me know if that link doesn't work please!)

Useful pages[edit]

Below is a list of pages, templates, awards etc that I find useful. Call it my own wiki bookmarks list. You might like them also. Or not, I don't really mind. :)

To Do[edit]

This is my list, contribute if you want but these are my personal list of things I need to do around the site: